Change The World - Event Ideas

Are there issues or local community groups you're passionate about? Develop your own Change The World event and raise funds or awereness in your school. Here are some great ideas!

  • ChangeTheWorld Class Challenge: Classrooms research and prepare an information booth for a non-profit organization or a social issue
  • Mural Project: Classrooms create a mural to be displayed in school or their community supporting or raising awareness for an important cause
  • Community Cleanup: Pick up litter and clean around neighbourhoods, schools, parks, museums, retirement homes, downtown, waterfront, and/or police stations
  • Share perspectives: Hold a roundtable discussion on youth perspectives of community services available to them
  • Anti-Bullying Awareness: Perform skits and educate about the harms of bullying
  • Talent Show: Showcase a talent or hobby at a local library or community center
  • Car Wash: Have schools compete against one another to raise money for charity
  • Sleepless Night: Create awareness about homelessness. Assist with BBQ, entertainment, Wake-A-Thon fundraiser and speaker series
  • YouTube: Research and report on stories of youth issues/causes in their community by making an internet video or podcast
  • Community Garden: Start a vegetable garden to provide fresh produce to the school cafeteria
  • Tree Planting: Plant trees, flowers or shrubs to restore the environment, protect forest, and support biodiversity
  • Mind Games: Support healthy minds and mental wellness by having a tournament or play session of various board or card games that challenge the mind
  • Parody Party: Provide original lyrics for songs and see who can write the best parody to support an arts-based organization
  • Science Triathlon: Which team can devise the best parachute for an egg to be dropped from a roof? Who can construct the best catapult? Who can guide a laser through a mirror maze? Think of events that test your scientific method and have teams collect pledges for entry to support an environmental or health organization
  • Food/Clothing Drive: Coordinate an effort to provide food and/or clothing to those in need, then consider the processing and collection of these donated items and the delivery of them to the people via an associated non-profit organization
  • Safety Picnic: Work with local police, fire department or other emergency service providers to coordinate an event that raises awareness and funds for a particular organization that is concerned with health and safety; traumatic brain injuries; sports injuries; infant care; workplace safety; violence or another issue that could be addressed
  • Toy Bazaar: Promote and host a toy bazaar and resell gently used toys to community members, then allocate the proceeds toward a cause that helps children in need.

Bring your creativity to your community!

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